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06. - 07.06.     The Latvian national Fair of applied arts - 2009
21.06.         The Midsummer Eve
28.06.         International children folk festival
12.07.         International festival "BALTICA2009"- ZEMGALES DAY
16.08.         Blacksmiths’Day
30.08.         The School Day at Open-air Museum
06.09.         The Old Crafts Day
20.09.         Autumn Solstice
08.11.         Martins Day
20.12.         Log Pulling evening
26.12.         The Winter Party at Open-air museum

On Sundays - services and concerts of organ music in Usma Church.

In the Exhibition Hall (Wednesday - Sunday) - exhibitions of the branches of Latvian applied arts. 
When entering the tiny Latvia of the former times that hides unobtrusively behind the pine forest at Lake Jugla, don’t strive to percieve it as a reality for it was a reality only to those who have gone long long ago. But the objects, structures and households still continue to exist. You, a visitor and a stranger will be rewarded with the intimacy of these treasures of our predecessors for a while. This feeling, like any reminiscence of contemporary man, may be vague, imperfect or too subjective though nursed by many and winnowed by the time.
And yet, when walking into the dim rooms of our forefathers and bending your head to the low lintel, do remember the symbolic meaning of the movement and pay homage to the history of Latvian people.
Ethnographic Open-Air Museum was founded in 1924. The project envisaged to transport homesteads and social buildings characteristic of Kurzeme, Zemgale, Vidzeme and Latgale to the museum and re-erect them there. In 1928 the first building - a threshing-barn of the 18th century - was set up on old sandhills covered by a pine forest at Lake Jugla. In 1932 the museum was opened to the public and 5 houses from Vidzeme and 1 house from Latgale served as the first exhibits. Already in 1939 all the regions were represented by 40 objects.
The collection of Latvian Ethnographic Open -Air Museum is made up of 140 000 items. At present 121 ancient buildings with more than 3000 household objects are on display in the area of 87 hectars. Almost all the sections of the population and ethnic groups as well as their social and material culture are represented there. Like households of L?vi fishermen and Russian old-orthodox, craftsmen workshops of woodworkers and smithies, Latgale potters, Vidzeme weawers and potters.
100 000 people visit the museum each year and we hope thet you as one of them will enjoy the time spent here.
FROM 10a.m. to 5 p.m. DAILY (all year)
Guided tours should be booked beforehand

Adress: 440 Br?v?bas gatve, LV - 1024, R?ga, Latvija
Tel.: +371 7994106 (on weekdays and at weekends)
+371 7994510 (only on weekdays)
Fax: +371 7994178       E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

www.muzeji.lv;  wwwltg.lv/english/brivdabas.muzejs;  www.muzejs.lv

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Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum, Brivibas gatve 440, ph. 7994510, fax: 7994178. One of the oldest open-air museums in Europe, founded in 1924. Area (100 ha) lies on the banks of the Jugla lake. Characteristic buildings from different Latvian regions Kurzeme, Latgale, Vidzeme and Latgale have been moved to the museum: homesteads, several churches, windmills, smithies and brick-kilns. Also on show Livonian peasants and Russian old-believers’ farmhouses, as well as the 18-th century country school, an old road-pub and a farm of the 1920-1930-ties.
Visitors may watch a blacksmith, spoon-carver, bee-keeper and other masters at work. Exhibition halls display ancient as well as modern artwork. Different concerts take place at weekends. Places for picqnique. Car-park.
Open: Mon-Sun 10-17. Public transport: Bus Nr.1., 821-826., 19., 28 (bus stop “Brivdabas muzejs” ‘Open-air museum’. See also: www.muzejs.com; www.muzeji.lv

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